When providing finance some banks may insist you include their credit protection. Do you feel they exert too much control over your business? Obtaining a separate policy from an insurance company can result in increased credit limits, thereby improving the levels of finance available. It can also avoid the possible conflicts of interest that arise from an invoice discounter financing invoices set against credit limits set by the invoice discounter.  Having ‘all your eggs in one basket’ is seldom in the interests of the customer. Leave lending money to the banks and assessing and taking risk to the insurers.Get in touch with us here to find out more information on how this can be avoided.

Credit protection


Our client had a non-recourse finance facility and found that the credit limits on their largest customers were restrictive, and they couldn’t draw down finance on the export element of their ledger, hampering the company’s growth. Despite looking more expensive ‘on paper’ the credit insurance solution solved both these issues.

“Separating the credit insurance from the banking facility enabled me to judge each on its merits and provided greater flexibility with regard to choice of provider. In addition, the innovation from the insurer which provides additional cover where required, has provided an immense boost to the sales performance.” – Managing Director

Suffered a bad debt
and afraid it might
happen again?

Worried you’re agreeing large
credit limit exposures that
may come back to haunt you?


Frustrated you’re losing sales
to competitors offering more
relaxed terms of payment?

Irritated the bank is
forcing you to take their
credit protection?

Already credit insured but
frustrated that it’s no longer
meeting your needs?