Are you already credit insured but frustrated that the current solution no longer meets your needs? Annoyed that your existing broker and/or insurance company aren’t listening to you? Maybe it is time for fresh ideas, or a different perspective? Get in touch with us here to find out more information on how this can be avoided.

Credit Insured


Our client is a ‘household name’ that manufactures wallpaper, and invited us in for the reasons outlined above. We spent the first 12 months working with the existing insurer to improve gaps in the required credit limits for new territories. Despite this effort we brought a competing insurer to the table who won their business, through agreeing difficult credit limits in difficult markets, based on scarce financial information but positive customer relationships and background. Where this insurer was unable to cover some markets, we were able to bring the export arm of the Government in to help. Facilitating safe exports for our client saved jobs in the North West.

“Atlas Risk have more than proved their worth by increasing the level of cover across the ledger, particularly in those existing difficult markets where there was insufficient cover in the past, and challenging new markets like Libya.” – Chief Executive Officer

Suffered a bad debt
and afraid it might
happen again?

Worried you’re agreeing large
credit limit exposures that
may come back to haunt you?


Frustrated you’re losing sales
to competitors offering more
relaxed terms of payment?

Irritated the bank is
forcing you to take their
credit protection?

Already credit insured but
frustrated that it’s no longer
meeting your needs?