Credit insurance protects you against bad debt as a consequence of a problem with a customer or their country.

Simply put, credit insurance protects you against potential bad debt by ensuring that you get paid for providing your goods or services to your customers on credit terms. We advise Business Owners and Finance Directors of companies across all sectors, to reduce the frustrations centred around the risk of non-payment and ultimately potential debt. However, the reasons why our clients engage us are often far more specific and varied; a number of examples can be seen below…

Suffered a bad debt
and afraid it might
happen again?

Worried you’re agreeing large
credit limit exposures that
may come back to haunt you?


Frustrated you’re losing sales
to competitors offering more
relaxed terms of payment?

Irritated the bank is
forcing you to take their
credit protection?

Already credit insured but
frustrated that it’s no longer
meeting your needs?