How well do you know your top 3 customers?
Atlas Risk can provide valuable insights into their credit risk.

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Do you lie awake at night wondering what would happen if your largest customer went bust?

Are you being pushed by your sales force to agree additional exposure on your top customer beyond a level where you feel comfortable?

Offering credit terms is a form of unsecured lending.  When signing off on a large exposure, what information has the decision been based on?


The top 3 customers typically account for 40%-60% of a company’s debtor book


Increase in average bad debt amongst UK SME’s (compared with Spring 2022)
(according to research by Bibby Financial Services)


Expected increase in
insolvencies globally
in 2023
(according to Atradius)



Atlas Risk’s credit risk assessment services can provide the solution you need. We’ll provide an overview of the credit risk attaching to your 3 biggest customers based on the view of a panel of our insurance partner underwriters.  This will deliver valuable insights into credit risk, allowing you to make informed decisions about the level of credit offered to your top customers.

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Atlas Risk is pleased to offer credit risk assessment services for your top 3 largest exposures. Our team will help assess the credit risk of your three biggest customers, providing valuable insights into their creditworthiness. Our process is simple and straightforward and provides a comprehensive report detailing our findings and recommendations.  With Atlas Risk’s credit risk assessment services, you can make informed decisions about your top customers. You’ll have the additional insights you need to help minimize risk, negotiate payment terms, and protect your business’s financial stability.

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Our team will work with you to assess the credit risk of your top 3 largest exposures and provide valuable insights into creditworthiness.