Many successful companies use credit insurance for protection and growth, but credit insurance is not for everyone.
Credit insurance protects you against a bad debt as a consequence of a problem with a customer or their country. We help many businesses to avoid bad debts, protect their balance sheets, and secure the future. However, we never assume that credit insurance is right for your business or that Atlas Risk is the right provider. We seek to understand your credit risks, identify what concerns you, and determine whether you believe credit insurance may work. If this is the case, and Atlas Risk is a fit for your business, we will work together to help you find the right solution.
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“Our reasons for buying credit insurance have always been straightforward; a very large exposure and level of concentration gave us cause for concern and we thought it prudent to transfer this risk to the commercial insurance market.”

Finance Director

“We always viewed our debtor book as blue chip until we suffered such a loss.
Our policy protects us from a catastrophic loss with a very reasonable
self-insurance level and a cost effective premium.”

Credit Control and Data Analyst